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Exam 4 Excerpt

-Page 1- is the process of finding, developing, and keeping the right people to form a qualified work force. a. Functional resource planning b. Human resource management Work force forecasting d. Recruiting e. Human resource implementation Which of the following statements about federal employment law is true? This body of law has not changed during the last two decades. 0 The intent of anti-discrimination law is to make factors such as gender, race, or age irrelevant in employment decisions. c. Federal law prohibits the use of gender, race, and age as the basis for employment decisions under all circumstances. d. All federal laws are administered by the Department of Labor. e. Federal employment laws do not deal with training and development activities. To which of the following aspects of the human resource management process does federal employment law apply? a. selection decisions b. compensation decisions c. performance appraisals training and development activities all of these The fact a 98-pound job candidate is not hired as a dock worker to move 60-pound boxes of produce is legal as a result of a. the four-fifths rule adverse impact rulings bona fide occupational qualifications (BFOQs) gender selectivity e. benefits and features for occupational quality (BFOQs) is intentional discrimination that occurs when people are purposely not given the same hiring, promotion, or membership opportunities because of their race, sex, age, ethnic group, national origin, or religious (ids. a. Disparate treatment Adverse harassment c. The four-fifths rule d. Deliberate negative reinforcement e. Inequitable discrimination The International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA) began in 1976. By the end of the 1980s, gay rodeos were being held in more than a dozen states, and today there are 24 chapters that have raised millions for charity. But even the IGRA is not exempt from concerns about discrimination. To avoid claims of straights are allowed to participate in all IGRA events. a. bona fide discrimination -Page 1- 0 disparate treatment c. gender selectivity d. quid pro quo selectivity e. hostile impact Which of the following statements about sexual harassment is true? a. Only people who have themselves been harassed can file complaints or lawsuits. b. Nonemployees cannot be guilty of sexual harassment. P Sexual harassment can occur between people of the same sex. The three kinds of sexual harassment are quid pro quo, bona fide, and disparate treatment. e. None of these statements about sexual harassment is true. is a purposeful, systematic process for collecting information on the important work-related aspects of a 'ob. job analysis ask evaluation job specification d. job validation e. job description Before beginning to recruit, organizations must a. advertise for job candidates b. create a job description conduct a job analysis create a job specification e. match salaries to industry averages Which of the following types of information would typically be collected as part of a job analysis? a. work activities b. tools and equipment used c. knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to do the job job context all of these Which of the following is an internal recruiting method? employee referrals 6 career paths c. walk-ins d. employment services e. advertisements Which of the following statements about Internet recruiting is true? Internet recruiting costs are considerably higher than traditional external recruiting methods. b. The Internet allows companies to quickly reach large numbers of people. c. The company will only receive applications from qualified people. -Page 1- d. There are no drawbacks to Internet recruiting. e. All of these are statements about Internet recruiting are true. A study in the construction industry found that 82 percent of the time equipment is stolen from building sites workers are the culprits. If background checks reduced employee thievery over a period of time and oughout the industry, then this selection process would be validated EEOC certified c. legally authorized d. corroborated e. legally binding Which of the following statements about validation is true? a. The Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures recommend validation only for written tests used as selection procedures. b. Validation refers to the process of determining how well a selection test or procedure predicts future job performance. C) A test is said to be valid when it produces the same results every time it is used. C).. In terms of recruitment, validation is most important in identifying what training prospective employees need. e. None of these statements about validation is true. are procedures used to verify the truthfulness and accuracy of information that applicants provide about themselves and to uncover negative, job-related background information not provided by applicants. a. Integrity checks Background checks . Recruitment evaluation procedures d. Biographical data assessments e. Validation tests Which of the following is a legal problem employers may encounter in seeking, providing, or using employment cr emes as part of the selection process? defamation lawsuits b. adverse impact lawsuits c. product liability lawsuits d. accusations of disparate discrimination e. accusations of reciprocity Which of the following questions is deemed acceptable (i.e., "legal") for employers to ask applicants during the selection process? a. Are you a United States citizen? Have you ever filed a lawsuit against an employer? Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Do you smoke or use tobacco products? e. none of these -Page 1- Aptitude tests are also called a. specific ability tests cognitive ability tests c. personality tests d. work sample tests e. job-related achievement tests Which of the following type of tests accurately predicts job performance in almost all kinds of jobs? a. specific ability tests cognitive ability tests personality tests d. achievement tests e. work sample tests A perennial problem of teacher education programs is to select the highest quality candidates and to deny admission to those unsuited to work in schools. One suggested method is to ask applicants a series of questions about their experiences with siblings, how they treat stress, their attitude toward procrastination, and ways that they like to have fun. This method, which can use over 100 questions, gathers a. background data b. validation material c. work situation assessments biodata e information on affective skills When hiring employees for her spa and relaxation center, Hope Kharzov wants to hire people with strong empathy, a willingness to listen to others, and trustworthiness. What kind of selection tests would most likely reveal if a job applicant had these characteristics? a. biodata b. skills ability tests c. cognitive ability tests , work sample tests 6 personality tests Which of the following is a direct (rather than indirect) measure of job applicants' capability to do the job? a. creativity tests b. cognitive ability tests c. personality tests d. achievement tests work sample tests The interview uses only standardized, job-related interview questions that are prepared ahead of time and asked of all candidates formalized b. structured c. semi-structured d. informal -Page 1- e. canned means providing opportunities for employees to develop the job-specific skills, experience, and knowledge they need to do their jobs or improve their performance. a. Supervising b Directing Training Mentoring e. Mediating interviewing typically leads to much more accurate hiring decisions (i.e., correctly predicting which job plicants will perform better, and therefore should be hired). G Structured b. Unstructured c. Scripted d. Formalized e. Scenario Which of the following training methods is most appropriate for imparting information or knowledge to trainees? group discussions lectures and planned readings c. role-playing d. case studies e. coaching and mentoring One of the disadvantages associated with Internet training is a. its increased popularity b. how it increases employee stress c. how it decreases workplace productivity d. how it increases travel costs the cost of equipment and technology Whicluof the following statements about performance appraisal is true? a.1 Most employees and managers intensely dislike the performance appraisal process. bi Performance appraisals can be used as a basis for compensation, but not as a basis for determining who needs further training. c. Since performance appraisal is only a marginally important human resource process, any problems associated with it do not affect the organizations overall. d. Legally, a disgruntled employee cannot sue an employer on the basis of a dissatisfactory performance appraisal. e. All of these statements about performance appraisal are true. ask raters to rate the frequency with which workers perform specific behaviors representative of the job ' nensions that are critical to successful job performance. a. Behavioral observation scales -Page 1- b. Observational research studies c. Performance rating scales d. Objective performance measures e. Trait rating scales A is a performance appraisal process in which feedback is obtained from the boss, subordinates, peers and coworkers, and the employees themselves. 360-degree feedback b. performance appraisal iteration c. reciprocal appraisal d. grapevine appraisal e. circular feedback program Which of the following statements about 360-degree feedback is true? a. 360-degree feedback is most effective when used to train performance raters. re, b.A 360-degree feedback provides feedback from peer workers only. With the 360-degree feedback approach, feedback comes from four sources. Employees do not provide feedback about their own efforts in the 360-degree feedback approach. e. 360-degree feedback should not be used for developmental purposes. The term refers to both the financial and nonfinancial rewards organizations give employees in exchange for their work. a. wages value-added bc. . compensation salaries e. fees Which of the following is NOT an example of a pay-variability decision used to motivate employee performance? piecework pay hierarchical pay sales commission d. stock options e. profit sharing One of the reasons items manufactured in Southeast Asia can be imported into the United States so cheaply is that workers are paid a small amount of money for each item produced. The manufacturers operating in Southeast Asia use what type of pay plan? a. real-time pay compressed pay piecework batch processing e. commission -Page 1- To minimize the problems inherent in firing employees, managers should do which of the following? Before firing employees, managers should give them a chance to improve. b. Employees should be fired if they develop a health problem that will put an unforeseen burden on the company's insurance carrier. c. Employees should never be fired in private. d. While written records are not necessary, managers should be sure to verbally report the reason for the firing to the human resource department. e. None of these statements describes what a manager should do to minimize the problems inherent in firing employees. Which of the following statements regarding downsizing is true? a. Downsizing refers to the revaluation or splitting of the organization's common stock. Downsizing typically leads to increased employee morale. When downsizing, outplacement programs can help the company maintain a positive image in the community. The best strategy for downsizing is to establish a tall organizational structure as quickly as possible. e. Downsizing is seldom a planned strategy; it typically evolves as a result of environmental changes. Which of the following statements about employee turnover is true? a. For top management, dysfunctional turnover is preferable to functional turnover. One of the best ways to discourage turnover is to link pay directly to performance. Employee turnover is the loss of employees who involuntarily choose to leave a company. d. Functional turnover requires outplacement centers. e. Sales commissions and bonuses should not be used to decrease employee turnover. Despite the layoffs and plant closings that have eliminated thousands of jobs over the past two years, the Louisiana chemical industry faces a looming shortage of process operators and is hiring new ones as fast as it can. The average age of an effective plant operator is 50. A wave of retirements among these highly qualified and experienced operators in coming years will create openings for as many as 10,000 operators in the chemical industry. The retirement of the current operators is an example of a de-employment dysfunctional turnover 0. reactive turnover d. regressive turnover e. a "brain leak" Chapter 13: According to the text, is the set of forces that initiates, directs, and makes people persist in their efforts to accomplish a goal. a. attitude b. self-management c. persistence 0 d. motivation compliance -Page 1- The three components of are initiation of effort, direction of effort, and persistence of effort. a. compliance self-management motivation performance e. efficiency According to some industrial psychologists, is a function of motivation times ability times situational constraints. a. leadership skill creativity job performance performance valence e. compliance According to some industrial psychologists, job performance is a(n) function of motivation, ability, and situational constraints. circular (31 multiplicative c. nonlinear d. additive e. corollary Asa and Ruby both sell insurance. Asa is married, has three children, and a new house. Ruby is single and has recently purchased a new Lexus. According to some industrial psychologists a. they will be motivated by the same needs b. Asa can be motivated through need, and Ruby cannot Ruby has no needs how well their employer motivates them relates directly to their individual needs none of these is true A sales manager has carefully selected the members of two sales teams so that they have as nearly as possible identical skills and abilities. Both are assigned potential customers in the same industry. Both groups are offered the same rewards. One team makes the sale, and the other does not. This information tells you that a. performance and motivation are unrelated r. the concept of synergy is faulty one of the components that leads to job performance was weak nothing motivates some people e. all of these are true A glass of water and shelter from a snowstorm would be examples of , and a gold necklace and tickets to see professional wrestling would not be. a. intangible motivators b. perceptional drives c. motivational cues -Page 1- 6. , . performance modifiers low-order needs Accor to Alderfer's ERG theory, the lowest-order need is ('. existence b. relatedness c. physiological needs d. ego-related e. empathy Marketers often appeal to consumers' needs as defined by Maslow's hierarchy. Schlage, a lock manufacturer, shows how much protection its locks provide. Clorox developed several types of wipes to eliminate concerns about infectious germs. Both marketers are appealing to which need as defined by Maslow? a. achievement b. belongingness safety physiological needs e. achievement Which of the following statements about needs is true? a. In all situations, higher-order needs can be used to motivate. b. The importance of lower-order needs is identified by all needs theories. c. The relative importance of the various needs may change over time in a predictable pattern. d. Higher-order needs are concerned with survival and security. Higher-order needs will generally not motivate people as long as lower-order needs remain unsatisfied. A group of actors gather to read the critical reviews of the new play they presented to audiences last night. The actors are looking for rewards. extrinsic b. psychological c. assigned d. intangible e. intrinsic A concert pianist had always wanted to play jazz when he got the opportunity to play with a group of New Orleans jazz musicians who were displaced after Hurricane Katrina. He was elated after the experience of playing with the talented jazz musicians. He experienced a(n) reward. a. extrinsic b. physiological c. assigned tangible intrinsic -Page 1- Which of the following is an example of an extrinsic reward? a. a sense of achievement b. a feeling of responsibility C) a salary increase d. pride from accomplishing a difficult task e. all of these are the rewards associated with performing a task or activity for its own sake. ) Extrinsic rewards b. b. trinsic rewards Motivational cues d. Performance valences e. Physiological rewards According to , people will be motivated when they perceive they are being treated fairly. a. expectancy theory Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Cd equity theory d. Alderfer's ERG Theory e. reinforcement theory Although both Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments and the advent of professional women's sporting leagues have led to dramatic increases in opportunities for women in sports at high school, collegiate, and professional levels, significant discrepancies still exist between men's and women's sport. For example, women receive less media coverage, promotion, and institutional support. According to , the otivation for women athletes to perform at the top of their ability is less than that for men. equity theory reinforcement theory c. goal-setting theory d. theory of procedural justice e. expectancy theory Although both Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments and the advent of professional women's sporting leagues have led to dramatic increases in opportunities for women in sports at high school, collegiate, and professional levels, significant discrepancies still exist between men's and women's sport. For example, women receive less media coverage, promotion, and institutional support. According to equity theory, media coverage, access, promotion, and institutional support are all examples of undesirable for female athletes. a. referents b. valences expectancies od outcomes e. certainties -Page 1- Currently the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) pays Olympic athletes $25,000 for each gold medal, $15,000 for a silver medal, and $10,000 for a bronze medal. Since 1960, the Paralympics for disabled athletes has been a part of the Olympic Games, yet the USOC pays disabled athletes only 10 percent of what the Olympic athletes are paid, and Paralympic athletes are not allowed to participate in opening ceremonies. Paralympic athletes are angry at being treated unfairly. These athletes view Olympic athletes as a. valence bearers instrumental participants referents mentors e. reinforcers Currently the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) pays Olympic athletes $25,000 for each gold medal, $15,000 for a silver medal, and $10,000 for a bronze medal. Since 1960, the Paralympics for disabled athletes has been a part of the Olympic Games, yet the USOC pays disabled athletes only 10 percent of what the Olympic athletes are paid, and Paralympic athletes are not allowed to participate in opening ceremonies. Paralympic athletes are angry at being treated unfairly. What kind of inequity are the Paralympic athletes experiencing? a. adverse valence b. negative instrumentality underreward d. negative outcome e. overreward Which of the following is a basic component of equity theory? a. valences b. reinforcement referents instrumentality e. expectancy In equity theory, are others with whom people compare themselves to determine if they have been treated fairly. a. liaisons b, valence bearers c. mentors reinforcers referents The two basic kinds of inequity are . a. performance and situational inequities 0. underreward and overreward balanced and unbalanced rewards d. intrinsic and extrinsic inequities e. higher-order and lower-order inequities -Page 1- According to the equity theory, when employees perceive , they tend to experience anger or frustration. overreward underreward c. adverse instrumentality d. negative motivational cues e. negative reinforcement For workers who feel underpaid, creating a union at their place of employment to attain higher wages can be a mechanism for restoring equity by a. reducing inputs increasing outcomes changing the referent d. rationalizing inputs or outcomes e. reducing employee turnover Ford Kinzi is a truck driver for a furniture manufacturer. He has tried every technique he can think of to convince his boss that he deserves a raise. His boss has not responded to changes in inputs and outcomes. Kinzi has also tried to find a different referent and has tried rationalization. What should Kinzi do if he feels the company will never pay him what he deserves? a. use job enrichment b increase the job valence eave the job create intermittent outcome changes e. find a new mentor within the company In equity theory, refers to the fairness of the process used to make reward allocation decisions. process objectivity procedural justice conventional wisdom d. altruism e. distributive justice Reinforcement theory says behavior is a function of a. perception environment its consequences conscious choices e. the situations in which it occurs The p ry ways for creating reinforcement contingencies in organizations are extrinsic rewards and the schedules of reinforcement extrinsic and intrinsic rewards c. perceptions of equity and reward desirability d. situational motivators e. higher-order needs and organizational structure -Page 1- The two parts of reinforcement are . a. reinforcement temporality and reinforcement administration b. positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement continuous reinforcement and intermittent reinforcement ( ed. ) reinforcement contingencies and schedules of reinforcement . interval reinforcement and ratio reinforcement The city of Cairo has the world's greatest collection of Islamic buildings and statues. It would seem an ideal location for Muslim tourists, but unfortunately preservation activities have been inadequate and often more destructive than constructive. Imagine the Egyptian government is instituting a marketing campaign to motivate tourists to spend their vacation dollars in Cairo. Imagine tourists visiting Cairo and being motivated to never visit there again due to the fact that every old building they saw seemed more likely to cave in than the last one they had seen. In terms of motivational theory, would have occurred. a. instrumentality punishment (V goal acceptance d. contingency feedback e. valence modification Driving in heavy traffic makes Hal very anxious and sometimes angry. He leaves home earlier than usual one morning and doesn't run into heavy traffic. He leaves home earlier again the next morning, and again he avoids heavy traffic. His behavior of leaving home earlier is strengthened by the consequence of the voidance of heavy traffic. What kind of reinforcement has occurred in this example? a. negative reinforcement . extinction c. punishment d. intermittent reinforcement e. overreward Users of GM Master Cards earn money toward the purchase of a new General Motors car or truck every time they use this credit card to make purchases. The rebate increases the more times the credit card is used. GM is using a. underreward b. punishment extinction d. positive reinforcement e,. negative reinforcement is a reinforcement strategy in which a behavior has no consequences, positive or negative thus weakening the behavior over time. a. Positive reinforcement b. Negative reinforcement c. Punishment Reinforcement reversal Extinction -Page 1- is the extent to which people consciously understand and agree to goals. a. Goal specificity Goal difficulty e,g2 Goal acceptance d. Goal congruity e. Goal clarity According to Don Vlcek, a former Domino's Pizza vice president, "To achieve results, you've got to properly define the goal and that's not always easy. Vague goals are worthless. For instance, 'Work harder!' isn't a goal that motivates anybody. But 'increase productivity by 12 percent within three weeks' that is a clear, useful goal." Vlcek is discussing a. pedal mance feedback goal congruity goal specificity goal difficulty e. goal acceptance The goal of the Apollo moon flight was to put a man on the moon. According to Charles Garfield, who worked at NASA on the Apollo mission, the flight was off-course 90 percent of the time between here and the moon. But Apollo used that allowed it to make rapid course corrections. performance feedback goal congruity c. goal specificity d. goal difficulty e. goal acceptance Which of the following is NOT a basic component of goal-setting theory? a. performance feedback goal congruity goal specificity d. goal difficulty e. goal acceptance For the goal-setting theory to work, goals must a. focus employees' attention on critical aspects of their jobs b. energize behavior c. create a tension between the current state and the desired state be truly accepted by workers do all of these For workers to truly accept organizational goals, the workers must '. respond to an autocratic management style 0 trust management c. not require any more training in order to achieve the goal d. operate outside the organizational communication channel -Page 1- jc: DoI:e
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